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Kejriwal Said Senior Jurno “Shekhar Gupta” Dalal for Asking Right Question

Kejriwal Called Shekar Gupta Dalal
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On Tuesday Morning 13 Sep again started with the controversy for AAP, as its party supremo & Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal indulge in a twitter war with seasoned journalist Shekhar Gupta.

Shekhar Gupta was raising a question over administration of Delhi govt.Gupta slammed the Delhi government over the first chikungunya death in Delhi.

Shekhar raises his concern over death from Chikungunya in Delhi. He wrote in his twitter handle ” 1st malaria deaths in 5 yrs, 1st Chikungunya death now. While Delhi govt safely out conquering Punjab, Goa & Gujarat.’.

Surprisingly Arvind Kejriwal, Instead of giving explanation about this mess, he attacked Shekar Gupta himself . He said Shekhar Gupta a Dalal, who used to do dalai previously for congress and doing it for BJP.

He twitted in Hindi ‘If you want to do politics come out in the open. Earlier you were an agent of the Congress, now of Modi? Such people have given journalism a bad name.Why don’t you also say a few words about your leader who has set out to conquer the world?’

He Also said this

On Monday, a 65-year-old man died of chikungunya at a hospital in Delhi. The man succumbed to the vector-borne disease at Ganga Ram hospital at 4 am.

It is very difficult situation for Delhi people, Where no one trying to take a responsibility. CM Kejriwal in Bengaluru for his thort  surgery . His deputy Manish is  in Finland. Imran Hussain on Haj. LG Najeeb Jung too abroad. North MCD Mayor away.

Previosly also Arvind has lased out on a senior Journalist from India today Rahul kawal, for asking an legitimate question on twitter.

Rahul has posted his view’s over price rise. He said in a tweet post that “No good service comes for free. If passengers want railway services to improve, they must be willing to pay for it.


On his tweet Manish responded :-

On Which Rahul Kawwal tried to put logic in his statement by saying

Just this tweet was enough for Kejriwal to declare Rahul an agent of Modi 😉

So this is not new for Kejriwal calling any one agent or dalal, While India has not seen this culture of Abusive language, from CM Or PM. Kejriwal truly seems to have started a new political culture in India.

News Source : ANI and Twitter