Know Various Facts Related To Hindu Religion That Will Blow Your Mind

    Fact about Hindu Religion
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    Hinduism is one of the religions of India developed 1000 years ago. The history associated with Hinduism is unique from other religions of the world as it has no founder and no date of origin. It is said that Hinduism contains variety of Ideas, Traditions and Spirituality. Hinduism later called as Hindu by Indo Aryans. The term Hindu derived from Sanskrit word Sindhu.
    The history of Hindu religion can be traced back from the Indus River Valley Civilization (also called as Harappan Civilization) and The Aryans. There are number of evidence found which shows the growth of religion during Indus River Valley Civilization. Some of the evidences are listed below.

    • Ritual Baths – It is considered as one of the important component of modern Hinduism
    • Animal Sacrifice and Terracotta – It represent deities.
    • Seal – It is considered as the prototype of Shiva.

    Apart from these facts there are number of more evidences known proving the origin of Hinduism since ancient times.

    Various Facts Related to Hindu Religion: –

    It has not a Single founder – :

    It is said that there is not a single founder of Hindu religion; it is derived from the combination of various texts and scriptures. These texts includes Vedas, mantras, Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda whereas scriptures includes Purans, Upnishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagvad Gita.  From time to time numbers of Monks and Saints have popularized religion but not one of them is considered as the founder of it.

    It is not a Single religious text;- 


    The Hindu religion is made up of combination of various texts and scriptures. It is also said that Hindu religion is made up of combined studies of all texts and scriptures. These Vedas teach us to pursue and accept the truth whereas a scripture teaches us to believe on god and duties of man required by God.

    It is the third largest religion: 

    Hindu religion is considered as the third largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam. On an average 95 % of Hindus are found in a single country i.e. India.

    Wealth is not a Sin :

    Chasing money is not wrong according to the Hindu religion as there are many god and goddess like Lakshmi and Kuber are also present.

    It is one of most flexible religion and also changes with the time:

    Hindu religion is adaptive, flexible and also changes over the time. Apart from these the studies of Hindu religion are true and also relevant to modern times.

    108 is the Sacred Number: 

    Hindus consider 108 as the sacred number. They have 108 beads in their prayer threads and also believe in chanting the name of god 108 times.

    Hindu religion also doesn’t have any Mourning Festival: 

    Hinduism lays the emphasis on living life with happiness and celebrations that why there is no mourning festival in Hindu religion.

    There is no special time and day for going Temple: 

    In Hindu religion there is day for every God and Goddess say for example Monday is for worshipping God Shiva, but there is no special day and time for going temple, one can visit any temple any time.

    The word Rath is derived from Rath of Hindu God Jagannath: 

    The word Juggernaut is derived from the Rath of Jagannath Temple where numbers of devotees are being crushed beneath the wheels of Rath during the Rath Yatra.

    Gender Equality: 

    It is said that Hindu religion is the only religion where there is almost same of number of Gods and Goddess.

     Accepts Atheism: 

    Hindu religion is the only religion which accepts and follows Atheism.

    Sounds are also considered Sacred:

    Hindu religion consider the sounds of Bell, Om and scared chanting as sacred.

    The blog therefore provides information about various facts related to Hindu Religion