Meet Shifuji A Trainer of Ghatak Commando Force Which Did Surgical Strike In Pak

    Shifuji Commando Force

    Yesterday night  Indian Army had carried out overnight “surgical strikes” on what it described as terrorist bases across the LOC. The strike is been done by special Commando Force & Ghatak Force, a group of the Army’s Special Forces (SF), acting on specific information, crossed the Line of Control between the Rajouri and Poonch sectors into Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) to attack the launching pads where terrorists had positioned themselves & Killed over 50+ Terrorist including 2 Pak rangers.

    Special force included Ghatak force,which has entered the Pak. The Special Forces of India refer to those units which are under the direct command of the Indian military and specifically organised, trained, and are equipped to conduct and support special operations like we did across LOC on 28th sep night. The Special Force  do not create insurgencies but they fan insurgencies to suit the national interest.

    Ghatak Force – Ghatak Platoon or Commandos, a unit of India army. The role of Ghatak Force is to carry out Special operations. They also act as shock troops at the time of war and attack ahead of their battalion. One can also compare the role of Ghatak force to Scout Sniper Platoon and STA platoon. The Ghatak Force or Platoons are the team of 20 strong men consists of Captain, 2 officers, gunners, radio operator, marksman and spotter.

    The super Commandos are tough, go through a toughest training, from eating snake to sleeping on rod. their body is like steel which can demolish

    Shifuji “Shaurya Bharadwaj”  is a master trainer for special forces in India, he is has trained al most all special task forces in India. He accredited as the Brand Ambassador of Madhya Pradesh,India. Read More(and then following shall be displayed).He is specialized in training  Special Commando Trainer of The Hawk Commandos, Special Armed Forces, Counter Terrorist Group, Special Task Force & Anti Terrorist Squad.

    He is also trained  and mentors select top Action movies, Movie Stars & top Stunt men and Guru of Mr and Miss India. ( Including Acting in Movie Baagi).

    according to him his mission is To empower Indian women as self actualized, vibrant, excellent in self defense, holistic with a sense of paramount pride & glory towards nation thereby contributing to the consistent growth of Bharat. Source 

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    Trainer of Spacial Commando Force

    Shifuji Giving Training


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