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Dabang Delhi Team for Pro Kabaddi
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Miraj Sheyakh Iranian super star, who has become synonymous to Pro Kabaddi in India. Miraj is one of the best all rounder of Pro Kabaddi. Miraj played with Telugu Titans in initial years, and then he played with Dabang Delhi as captain. This year also Miraj Shaykh is been retained by Dabang Delhi and he ‘ll lead the Delhi team.

He is a furious raider and strong defender. he never gives up, his attitude makes him different and valuable than any other player of Pro Kabaddi.

Miraj Shaikh Record in Pro Kabaddi 


NAME:                                                     MIRAJ SHEYKH
TEAM:                                                  DABANG DELHI K.C.
NATIONALITY:                                             IRAN
BORN:                                                   MAY 26, 1988
MATCHES PLAYED:                                         43
TOTAL POINTS:                                             161
TOTAL RAIDS POINTS:                                119
TOTAL DEFENCE POINTS:                            42
RAIDS:                                                          291
SUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                     80
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                               62
EMPTY RAIDS:                                            149
TACKLES:                                                     91
SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                               36
UNSUCCESSFUL TACKLESS:                        55
This is Miraj’s records in Pro Kabaddi until season 4.