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Rajesh Mondal

Rajesh Mondal Best Do or Die specialist
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Rajesh Mondal is finest raider and quality player of Pro Kabaddi league  He is been known for his Do or Die raiding in Pro Kabaddi. He has been playing for Patna Pirates for last 3 season’s and led the team to win the cup two times. His multi points raid is a weapon which he uses against opponents.  Rajesh Mondal comes from Orrisa and this year he will play with Puneri Paltan Team. along with Deepak Hooda and Sandeep Narwal.

Rajesh Mondal records in Pro Kabaddi


NAME:                                                 RAJESH MONDAL
TEAM:                                                  PUNERI PALTAN
NATIONALITY:                                             INDIA 
BORN:                                                  DEC 25, 1985
MATCHES PLAYED:                                      54
TOTAL POINTS:                                          165
TOTAL RAIDS POINTS:                              156
TOTAL DEFENCE POINTS:                             9
RAIDS:                                                         440
SUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                 124
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                           111
EMPTY RAIDS:                                          205
TACKLES:                                                  45
SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                             8
UNSUCCESSFUL TACKLESS:                     37
These are the records of Rajesh mondal untill season 4.