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Why Neem is called as Wonder herb

Neem Benefits,Benefits of Neem
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Neem Introduction

Neem also called as Nimtree and Indian Lilac. The botanical name of Neem is Azadirachta Indica and it belongs to family Meliaceae. It grows mostly in tropical and semi tropical regions. It is grown mainly in India and Indian subcontinent which includes countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and SriLanka. It is considered as one of best ayurvedic plant because of its rich medicinal benefits offered to mankind since ancient times. The extracts of Neem made up of leaves, root, bark, gum, seed is also used in Ayurveda for maintaining health and well being.

It is a tropical evergreen plant grows up to 15–20 m from 35–40 m. The Neem plant consists of Leaves, Fruit, Flower, Seeds, Roots, Stem and Branches. Leaves are opposite, pinnate and light to dark colored leaflets. Flowers are white and fragrant with auxiliary panicles and Fruits are smooth, glabrous with different shapes ranging from oval to roundish.

Neem Benefits,Benefits of Neem
Image Source: http://solvanam.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/tree-neem.jpg

Medicinal Benefits of Neem

Being a medicinal plant it offers number of medicinal benefits to living being since ancient times. Some of the medicinal benefits are listed below.

1.Beneficial for Healing wounds and Burns: Neem posses number of properties. One such property is antibiotic property, which made it beneficial for healing burns and wounds quickly without any side effects.

2.Beneficial for Treating Dandruff: Neem posse’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties which are very beneficial for treating dandruff and making scalp healthy thus reducing hair fall.

3.Beneficial for Treating Skin Disorders: Neem also posses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which is very beneficial for treating a number of skin disorders such as skin infection, skin allergy and eczema.

4.Beneficial for Treating Acne and Scares: Acne and scars are inflammatory skin problem. Neem also posses anti inflammatory properties which is very beneficial for curing acne and scars. Availability of carotenoids, fatty acids and Vitamin E helps in curing acne and scares.

5.Helps in Killing Cancer: The availability of number of substance like antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamin C, azadirachtin, azadirone, deoxonimbolide, kaemferol, glucopyranoside, nimbolide, quercetin and many more proven beneficial for curing cancer. These substances improve the immune system, decrease the inflammation, remove free radicals, inhibiting the cell division thus beneficial in killing cancer.

6.Helps in Curing Diabetes: It is very beneficial for curing type 2 diabetes by bringing down the sugar level. It also acts as Insulin.

7.Helpful in Cleaning Environment: Neem is considered as one of the important natural source in order to keep the environment clean. It posses the ability to stand in air, water, heat providing shade and absorbing harmful gases. It is also beneficial in maintaining the soil fertility.

Miscellaneous Benefits

* Beneficial for curing Under Eye Dark Circles

* Maintains Oral Health

* Promotes Blood Circulation

* Purifies the blood

* Beneficial for Digestion

* Beneficial for Curing Asthma, Ulcers and other disorders


After reading the medicinal benefits offered by Neem one can came to know why neem is called as Wonder herb.