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Is Rahual Gandhi incompetent to handle Amit Shah & Modi ??

Rahul Gandhi incompetent
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Results are going to out tomorrow, & exit polls are already showing poor performance of Congress party across the 5 elections. As per exit polls, congress is losing UP, Uttrakhand, Manipur, Goa.They are fighting hard in Punjab as well.

After this result, the questions arises is that Is Rahul completely incompetent to handle Amit Shah’s election strategy and Modi’s killer Instincts. ?

We are saying this because, since 2014 general election, congress hasn’t won many elections and lost much of its strong hold like Maharastra, Asam, Haryana, Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi is looked as a young leader but he is not even looking at par with Amit Shah and Modi as far as energy level is a concern.

There is also a talk that, if congress falls short of magic figures in Punjab, Amrinder Singh might break congress party and join Akali and form the govt.

So it seems that Rahul Gandhi is not in full control of his own party, whereas Narendra Modi is holding his party very tightly, there is no infighting fo CM post or position Modi and Shah alone decide all the portfolio and all leader follow that path.

So going by his performance inside the party, in public and in elections it’s definite that Rahul Gandhi’s is completely clueless into how to deal with Amit shah and Modi,  If Congress want to do good and want to stay relevant in Indian politics, they need a serious thinking over their National Leadership. Especially over Rahul Gandhi’s leadership.