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Most Dangerous Don’s and Gangsters Of India

Famous Dengerers Don's and Gangster of India
Image source : Business Line

When we talk about don’s and gangsters the only names comes to our mind is Dawood Ibrahim. Who is most furious & stays in Pakistan. But Other then Dawood also many other Don’s and Gangster’s are operating their syndicate in India. Let us talk about some of Most Dangerous  Don’s and Gangsters Of India. 

6Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim is the second Name of a threat in India. He operates currently from Pakistan’s Karachi city. Dawood involved in many terrorist and criminal activities in and outside India. Ibrahim was the mastermind behind 1993 Mumbai bomb blast, after which he moved to Dubai then to Karachi under the patronage of Pakistan’s ISI.

5Chhota Rajan

Chhota Rajan another biggest name of Indian Underworld, He currently in Delhi’s Tihar jail. Once the right-hand man of Dawood, Involved in many criminal activities including murder, extortion, land grabbing etc.  After the 1993 blast in Mumbai, he parted way’s from Dawood and the famous rivalry between Rajan and Dawood started. Some say that Rajan is RAW’s ( Indian  Intelligence agency ) counter to ISI’s Dawood. He ( Rajan) also call himself a Nationalist Don of India.

4Chota Shakeel

Chota Shakeel is the most dangerous shooter and right-hand man of Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood Ibrahim could be the successor of Dawood. He too was involved in 93 Blast and his hand was proved in many big terrorist attack and murders in India. He masterminded the attack on Rajan which took place in 2003 in Malaysia.

3Vicky Malhotra

Image Source : Vicky Malhotra

Vicky Malhotra is the closest and strongest aide of Choota Rajan and currently the tallest member of Rajan gang. Malhotra was granted bail earlier this month in an old extortion case in which the crime branch had invoked the stringent Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA). The court, which convicted him, sentenced him to five years behind bars.

He was, however, granted bail as he had already spent over four-and-a-half years in jail. The court also barred Malhotra from leaving the country. A famous story about Vicky Malhotra is famous, when he was arrested in 2005 in Delhi by a team of Mumbai Police, then it is said that he was accompanied by current NSA of Inda Ajit Doval. and story’s are going around that Doval was planning an assassination of Dawood with the help of Vicky Malhotra and Fareed Tanasha.

2Santosh Shetty

Santosh Shetty a former Rajan Aide and calls himself a patriotic gangster, Sontosh Shetty was associated with Bharat Nepali who later got killed by Rajan in 2013. He calls himself a patriotic gangster who can do anything for the country. He also claimed that, he is the one who got killed Bharat Nepali. Shetty was operating from  Bankok, Malaysia, Thailand. He was with the Rajan when attacks happen on him ( Rajan).

1Ravi Pujari

Image Source : zeenews.india.com

Another former aide of Rajan was operating from Australia till some time back. He is notorious for giving extortion threats to builders, actors, and producers of India. He is wanted in many criminal charges, but currently, no one knows his whereabouts.

In the mid-1990s, three of his men shot Om Prakash Kukreja of Kukreja builders in his Chembur office. Eight years later, a Navi Mumbai builder, Suresh Wadhwa, escaped an assassination attempt by ducking under his office desk.

Pujari often calls up the police claiming to have targeted people close to Dawood or his aide Chhota Shakeel. On 13 February 2016 over the controversy of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) anti-India protests, Ravi Pujari threatened to eliminate hardliner Hurriyat faction Syed Ali Shah Geelani ( Source )