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YouTube Expands Monetization coverage to more type of content

Google says it’s “expanding monetization on educational, documentary or news content that may include violent interactions with law enforcement, recreational drugs and drug-related content, or sensitive events.” The update means more drug-related videos should be eligible to have ads placed next to them.

Facebook launches new features for group moderation

Facebook has launched a new set of feature for group admin to control discussion in groups. Facebook groups has become quite an popular aspect of Facebook family and Facebook is keep on looking for ways to increase its effectiveness,  inline with this Facebook has launches new features for group moderation. 

Linkedin announced its entry into audio rooms battlefield : Linkedin vs...

The audio space is going to get intensified with the new entrained Linkedin.. Yes its going to be Linkedin vs Twitter Spaces VS clubhouse  in coming days

Twitter is pushing spaces to desktop version

Twitter is working very aggressively on its audio product twitter audio Spaces, there is been competition among social media giants to take the audio space, twitter and clubhouse are leading the race. In a recent development to this race, twitter has announce to introduce Spaces format for the web version.

YouTube is testing to hide dislike count for some creators

Video publishing platform, Youtube has announced that its testing to remove the the count of dislike number to some creators.

What Simp mean for men & women in Social Media world

As per Urban dictionary Simp  (plural simps) meaning is  A man or a women  who foolishly overvalues or submits  himself/ herself flatter other gender. In...