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Twitter is pushing spaces to desktop version

Twitter Spaces Will Soon Been Accessible Via Desktop PCs

Twitter is working very aggressively on its audio product twitter audio Spaces, there is been competition among social media giants to take the audio space, twitter and clubhouse are leading the race. In a recent development to this race, twitter has announce to introduce Spaces format for the web version. Yes you heard it right.


Twitter now building a web version of audio spaces, That could be a big bonus for broadcasters who are looking add a little more polish to their audio rooms. Many podcasters, for example, have professional microphones and sound recording equipment attached to their primary workstations, and while you can get better-sounding microphones for mobile devices, it’ll be cheaper, and easier, for most to use the equipment that they already have on their home desktops.

This development pushes the audio battle even further, with Facebook also coming into audio space today Microsoft excel has also announced that it will have audio rooms.

The game for audio rooms have intensified, and till now Twitter and clubhouse are leading this race. These developments add further pressure to Clubhouse, which is still in test mode and still doesn’t have an Android app, let alone a desktop version. Clubhouse, at last check, was sitting on around 2 million users, which represents stunning growth in a short amount of time for the app, but latest figures could suggest that interest is declining in the platform.