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What Simp mean for men & women in Social Media world

What Simp mean for men & women in Social Media world

As per Urban dictionary Simp  (plural simps) meaning is  A man or a women  who foolishly overvalues or submits  himself/ herself flatter other gender.

In social media platform like Tiktok or twitter or even in LinkedIn now a days, its used for men who tries to impose himself on a women online or harass harass a woman, though as per meaning it sounds positive to devote or submit yourself to other person but when you come to online space, these kind of men are almost creepy and desperate to gain contact details of females & seek/ expect physical favors from a women.

In online space sexual harassment  by men is not confined to one specific act. It can include a wide array of activity, including but not limited to the following:

  • suggestive behavior
  • sexual jokes or questions
  • physical contact
  • offensive gestures

All these behavior done by  men or women towards other gender in an expectation of getting sexual or physical favor is called simp in 2020.

In 2020 The Simp craze is predominantly perpetrated by teenage TikTok users and social media fans.

What is Simp nation:

As we have understood the simp is a person Male/female who are overly tries to flatter other gender, without getting anything in return. The collection of all sims become the simp Nation in Social media or especially ticktok world.

What is Simp Meme

Simp meme is TikTok phenomenon, its used especially for men who often seen tag women in their pics in expectation of impressing  the girl and  he also  thinks it might get chance to  laid with her.