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Unknown Facts About Universe

Unknown Facts About Universe

Unknown Facts About Universe

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The term Universe simply means space. The size of the universe is known to be as infinite. With regular observation of new theories has lead to know more about the composition and evolution of the universe in the recent years and it will continue to provide us more information in the coming years. There are also many research and scientific models proposed time to time in order to give a clear view about the universe.


Throughout history there are many scientists from time to time has done researchers in order to explain the observation of the earth. Starting from ancient Greek and Indian philosophers, then the  observations led by Nicolaus Copernicus’s heliocentric model of the Solar System, the Big Bang theory  and much more. The observations taken place in the 20th century has shown that universe in expanding.

Components of Universe

The universe is very big and is composed of the following components:

  1. Stars
  2. Sun
  3. Planets
  4. Solar System
  5. Galaxies
  6. Milky Way
  7. Meteoroids
  8. Asteroid

Some unknown facts about Universe

  1. Our universe is about 15 billion years old.
  2. The age of the universe can be determined by the age of stars and galaxies found in the universe.
  3. Life only exists on earth.
  4. Latest research shows that some existence of life is found on Mars.
  5. The basic chemicals required for life are found only on earth.
  6. Milky Way is the galaxy where we are living in.
  7. The Sun travels around the galaxies once in every 200 million years an estimated journey of 100,000 light years.
  8. A Black hole is found in the middle of many galaxies.
  9. If by mistake you fell on any of the black hole you will be stretched like spaghetti.
  10. Spending a day in mercury is equal to 59 days on earth.
  11. Nicolaus Copernicus an astronomer who was the first to suggest that all the planets revolve around the sun, whereas sun lies in the center.
  12. Stars in each constellation named after the Greek Alphabet say for example Alpha is the brightest star and Beta is the next brightest star and many more to follow.
  13. Atmosphere found on earth is only breathable for humans and is formed by gases coming out of volcanoes.
  14. It is because of big meteoroids earth has chilled and dinosaurs wiped out.
  15. Jupiter is the largest moon found in the Solar system.
  16. Jupiter is made mostly of gases like helium and hydrogen.
  17. Saturn is also made mostly of gases like liquid hydrogen and helium.
  18. Venus is the most slowly rotating planet.
  19. Ceres is the biggest asteroid found in the solar system.
  20. Dog Laika is the first living creature on Space
  21. The weight of the Sun is about 2,000 trillion trillion tons, which is about 300,000 times as much as of the Earth.
  22. Earth takes about 24219 days to orbit the Sun and is known as One Solar Year.
  23. There are about 20 trillion galaxies found in the Universe.
  24. Recent research says that apart from 9 planets there are many planets found in the solar system and many yet to be discovered.
  25. Do you know the fact that the future of the universe is dependent upon how much dark matter is present and if it is too much then the gravity will stop the universe expansion and the universe will shrink again.

Here are some unknown facts about Universe which one must know.