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16 days ago IB gave input of attack on Amarnath pilgrims but Govt. & Agency were sleeping

Terriorist Attack on Hindu Pilgrims
Image Source : ANI govt. News agency

The unfortunate incident of attack on Amarnath pilgrims took place in Anantnag of Jammu and Kashmir is the evidence of the failure of the Center and the state government. The fact that the Intelligence Bureau had given input to the Jammu and Kashmir Police of such attack on Amarnath pilgrims before June 25. But the officers & agency were sitting on their desk only and the government slept all while. And this resulted in the  blood of half a dozen pilgrims swept across the streets. Not only this, many news reports warning of the threat of such attack also made headlines in the local newspapers of Jammu and Kashmir to the national media. , But the officers did not care about the seriousness of such intelligence reports. This casual approach of security agency resulted in the killing of 7 Hindu pilgrims in the street of Anantnag District of j&K .

The targeted pilgrims were the residents of Gujarat. The bus number was GJ09 Z 9976 and is registered with Gujarat’s Sabarkantha. There were 17 passengers on the bus. The injured have been admitted to the local hospitals in Srinagar and Anantnag. After the Anantnag attack, security has been beefed up in Jammu, Udhampur.

An intelligence officer briefed media about the report. The officer said in the report that it was revealed that the terrorists wanted to spoil the communal atmosphere of the country by attacking Hindu pilgrims. That is why they chose Amarnath Yatra to attack. Because Yatra matters a lot for the  Hindus of India. As per the media, sources tell us that the terrorist bosses who are sitting in Pakistan have made this plan to communalise  India so that when Hindus are killed, Hindus in India will be filled with hatred towards Muslims & this will result in a huge communal riot in #India.

Terrorists planned to kill 150 Yatries.

Intelligence Bureau’s Intelligence Report said that there were about  150 Amarnath pilgrims were on the target of terrorists. In order to make the peace environment unstable in India after this incident.

Modi sought report from Ajit  Doval

The Central Government was shaken by the incident of an attack on a bus full of Amarnath pilgrims. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on for the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval where he asked for the full report of the incident. At the same time, the Chief of Army Staff, Rawat, has instructed to undertake tremendous counter strike operation within 50 km radius of the spot.

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