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Important Points Narendra Modi made at Tel Aviv Centre : Modi’s Isreal Visit

Modi speech to Indian diaspora in Isreal tel va
Image Source : https://twitter.com/timesofindia

Important Points Narendra Modi made at Tel Aviv Centre: Modi’s Isreal Visit

Modi Said in the meeting with Indian diaspora at  Tel Aviv Centre about the relation between India & Isreal.

  • Modi said – Yes, we are meeting after a very long time. It took many years for this visit to happen.
  • It is a matter of joy that an Indian PM has got an opportunity to visit Israel.
  • He said India & Israel share great cultural values as India celebrate Diwali, Isreal celebrates Hanuka.
  • Modi as mention at 13th century ” Baba Fareed ” did Yoga in Jerusalem.
  • PM Modi fondly recalls Lt Gen JFR Jacob & his role in freedom of Bangladesh from Pakistan & surrender of 90,000+ Pak soldiers
  • ur ties with Israel are about mutual trust and friendship.
  • I would also like to pay tribute to former Israeli president and the great leader Shimon Peres. I had the good fortune to meet him
  • Israel has shown the world that numbers & size don’t matter
  • Jewish community has enriched India with their contribution in various fields
  • Modi said Isreal is contributing too much to the society by innovating & discovery.
  • Narendra Modi said, India is a fastest growing economy of the world, he reiterated the mantra of Indian govt. ” Reform – Perform – transform” .
  • Modi also mentions about GST as a path-breaking development for an India as a Nation.
  • Modi also took jibe as Congress by mentioning old corruption like coal & spectrum.
  • We have introduced 100% FDI in key sectors, which will help the economy.
  • Modi again promised to provide a house for all by 2022 in India.

Other then these points Narendra Modi mention all the govt plan which is been now implemented in India after him coming into the power.