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5 Amazing super spy of India

Most Amazing spy of India
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5 Amazing  super spy of India

1. Mr. Rameshwar Nath Kao

Mr. Kao one of the most famous Spies of India and first Chief of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) was born in 10th May 1918 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and died on 20 January 2002. He completed his Bachelor Degree from Lucknow University in Arts and Master Degree from Allahabad University in English Literature. Rameshwar Kao was also pronounced as Ramjee by his friends and colleagues. He is the founder of RAW and has played a significant role in building RAW from Scratch. One of the important features of Mr. Kao is that he gives credit to his colleagues and subordinates for the success of any mission and at the same time never back down to take responsibility for the failure of any mission. He is a man of high intelligence, reliable and master strategist which is the key to number of successful operations. Some of the major operations performed by RAW under his Supervision are listed below.

Operation Searchlight: Under the supervision Mr. Kao, RAW supported Mukhti Bahini, the freedom fighters of Bangladesh to defeat Pakistan.

Merger of Sikkim into India: China wants to takeover Sikkim but, it was Mr. Kao and his boys who played a major role in merging Sikkim into India.

2. Ajit Kumar Doval

The former Indian Intelligence officer Mr. Ajit Kumar Doval was born on January 20, 1945 in village of Ghiri Banelsyun in Pauri Garhwal, now in Uttarakhand. His schooling is from Ajmer Military School in Ajmer, Rajasthan and Master degree in Economics in the year 1967 from the University of Agra. He has also served as the Director of Intelligence Bureau under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh governance and currently working as National Security Adviser under Prime Minister Narendra Modi governance. He has also won number of Awards in his career namely Police Medal, President’s Police Medal and Kirti Chakra. Mr. Ajit Kumar Doval in his entire career is involved in various operations and is as follows.

He is involved in anti-insurgency operations in Mizoram, Punjab and Kashmir.
He acted as the main negotiator in IC – 814 flight hijack which took place in Kandahar in 1999.

He lived undercover for Seven years in Pakistan.

3. Kashmir Singh

An alleged former Indian Spy born in Punjab in 1941. He also served in Punjab Police for almost 4 years i.e. from 1962 – 1966, he then started working as Spy on contract basis for Rs. 400 per month. He then entered Pakistan by the name of Ibrahim and later in 1973 he got arrested on Peshawar-Rawalpindi road by Pakistani intelligence. He was then sentenced to death by a Pakistan Army court and verdict was upheld by civil court in year 1976 and 1977 followed by a mercy petition but there was no avail. Later, under the governance of Mr. Pervez Musharraf the mercy petition was accepted and he was finally released on March 4 2008.

4. Sarabjit Singh:

Born in 1963 in Punjab, India. He was a farmer and was fond of wrestling. He was married to Sukhpreet Kaur and also has two daughters namely Swapandeep and Poonam Kaur. He was caught by Pakistani Rangers near Kasur, an unmarked Indo Pakistan border in Pakistan. It is said that it was a case of mistaken identity as Manjit Singh. He was convicted in case of Spying and Bombing in Pakistan by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and was sentenced to Death in 1991, but the death sentence was being postponed repeatedly. Later the death sentence was upheld by Supreme Court by rejecting his petition. On 2nd May 2013 he died in Jinnah Hospital, Lahore followed by the attack in Jail on April 2013 by his other fellow inmates.

5. Ravindra Kaushik ( Black Tiger )

RAW former undercover agent Mr. Ravindra Koushik was born on April 11, 1952 in karnal, Haryana. He was a famous theatre artist and on the basis of his performance he was contracted and signed in RAW and offered the job of undercover agent of India in Pakistan. For two years he has undergone extensive training where he was taught Urdu, given religious education and other information about Pakistan. After the completion of his training he was sent to Pakistan with a new identity as Nabi Ahmed Shakir, at that time he was only 23. He then joined as Civilian Clerk in Pakistan Army and then to Accounts Department of Pakistani Military. During his tenure he has passed valuable information to RAW, which are proven to be very beneficial for Indian Defence forces. He died on 26 July 1999 in Central Jail in Multan, Pakistan due to Tuberculosis and heart disease, where he was kept after revealing of his true identity as Ravindra Koushik by Pakistani Intelligence.

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