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5 Unknown mind-boggling declassified mission of Indian Intelligence agency RAW

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R&AW or Research and Analysis Wing of the Government of India is the most secretive intelligence department of our country.was created after the India-China war in 1962 and India-Pakistan war in 1965. It’s been set up by  Late. prime minister Indira Gandhi R.N. Kao was the 1st RAW Chief. also known as father of Indian Intelligence agency. RAW touted as one of the most fearsome agencies in the sub-continent.

Many of RAW operations are classified as they are the spy agency they are not supposed to tell their achievements in open or describe their mission.

Let’s see some of  amazing the declassified mission of RAW

Operation  Megdoot –

Unknown Acts of Indian Inteligence agency
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In 1984 the Indian Intelligence  agency RAW got the intelligence input that Notorious PAK ISI is planning  incursion in the Siachen glacier  as part of Operation Ababeel. as soon as RAW got the intel, it swung in to action and initiated Opration Meghdoot in the treacherous terrain. Around 300 troops were deployed along the Siachen before Pakistan Army pushed its troops to capture the strategic peak.It resulted in Indian domination of all major peaks in Siachen. This incident come as a major embarrassment for PAK’s ISI and victory for RAW.

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Operation Cactus-


In 1988 November month the Tamil rebels invaded Maldives, It prompted the president of Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, to seek help from India.  The Indian Armed Forces, on the direction of Late prime mister Indira Gandhi and  assistance from R&AW, launched a military campaign to throw the mercenaries out of Maldives. The Indian 6th parachute battalion of the Parachute Regiment from Agra and flew them over 2,000 km to Maldives and  landed at Hulhule and restored the government of the then President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom at Malé within hours. RAW played a vital role in this operation.

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Kargil War –

Kargil War

The war held between India and pakistan in 1999 (Kargil ) was initially termed by pak and ISI  as some mujahideen from kashmir is doing the mischief but RAW is successfully intercepted the telephonic conversation between the then Pakistan army chief General Pervez Musharraf, who was in Beijing, and his chief of staff Lt. Gen. Mohammed Aziz in Islamabad. which could later established that pak army was behind the Kargil war. and it proovs to be vital in shaming Pakistan in International platform.

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Smiling Buddha :-

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On 18 May 1974 at Pokhran Rajasthan  Indian did testing on its frist nuclear Missile, As India has lot of International presure to not to do any nuclear programe from countries like USA and japan. RAW played a key role in maintaining the secrecy of the first nuclear test by India in 1974. It was in fact, such a secret mission that even the intelligence agencies of countries like China and USA were unaware of any such activity by India.

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Support to Northern Alliance

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After the rise of Taliban the most dengerious terrorist oganisation which was backed by USA and Pakistan to counter KGB and USSR. Which later became the instrumental in breaking USSR and bingeing of Al- Qaida whose chief Osama bin laden did the 9/11 terrorist attack  on US only.

The time when USA was supporting these talibani muzahideens, India decided to side with the Northern Alliance (a resistance force against the Taliban government) and the Soviet Union.By 1996, RAW had built a 25 bed military hospital at the Farkhor Air Base.

This airport was used by the India’s Aviation Research Center, the reconnaissance arm of RAW, to repair and operate the Northern Alliance’s aerial support.

RAW has always been a anti taliban and supported northan alliance to come in power.