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Top 6 Intelligence agency of the world

Intelligence agencies of the world

An Intelligence agency can be defined as the government agency responsible for collecting; analyzing and utilizing information’s in order to protect their country. There are number of Intelligence agencies known all around the world but here are the lists of top 6 intelligence agencies which are very dangerous.


1.Mossad: It is one of the most efficient, dangerous intelligence agencies of the world formed on 13th December 1949 and is responsible for collecting information, covert operation and countering terrorist activities. It’s headquarter is in Tel Aviv, Israel. Mossad is headed by the Director who directly reports to the Prime Minister of the country. They are also known as most terrifying organization and are involved in number of operations.

Mossad Operations

NUMEC Operation: NUMEC stands for Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation based in Pennsylvania and is the largest producer of nuclear materials, later it is found that some uranium had found missing and evidences shows that Mossad has stolen this uranium. It is also said that NUMEC founder Zalman Shapiro, has relations with Mossad and Israel government which lead to this incident.

Operation Passport Scandal: An international scandal which took place in 2010 where Mossad has used three fake Australian passports to enter Dubai, in order to kill Mahmoud al-Mabhouh the Hamas leader. Australia on the other hand has also warned Mossad and Israel government for such activity and also said that this will affect the good relationship between the countries.

Operation Wrath of God: This operation is related to retribution, against the brutal attack on Israeli athletes by the terrorist group named as Black September during 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Mossad then gathered detailed information about the peoples who are responsible for attack and killed them.


2.CIA: The full form of CIA is Central Intelligence Agency formed on 18th September 1947. It is a civilian foreign intelligence agency of USA responsible for collecting, analyzing and utilizing security information from all around the world through human intelligence. CIA headquarter is located in Fairfax, Virginia. The prime role of CIA is to provide intelligence information related to President and reports directly to the Director of National Intelligence. Unlike, United States National Security Agency (NSA), Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) it is one of the most prominent agencies of USA and are involved in number of operations.

CIA Operations

Operation Mongoose: Under the supervision of Robert Kennedy CIA along with Department of Defence performed Operation Mongoose. The operation is related to fail Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Operation PBSuccess: The operation PBSuccess is one of the most famous CIA Operations against the government of Jacobo Arbenz, the President of Guatemala. USA government don’t like giving of lands to Guatemalan people by the Guatemala government which belongs to United Fruit Company.<


3.MI6: Another most dangerous intelligence agency of the world. The full form of MI6 is Military Intelligence, Section 6 formed in 1909. MI6 is formerly known as Secret Intelligence Service. MI6 headquarter is located in SIS Building London, UK. It is the foreign intelligence agency, whose role is to provide foreign intelligence to UK government. Mr. Alexander William Younger is the current Chief of MI6.

Operation Embarrass: The operation took place in 14th Feb 1947 between MI6 officers, armed services, Colonial officers and Foreign Officers. The operation took place because of deter ships masters and crews who were engaging illegal Jewish immigration.


4.FSB: The Federal Security Service of Russian Federation FSB is formed in 12th April 1995. It’s headquarter is located in Lubyanka Square, Moscow, Russia. It is the primary security agency of Russia, responsible for gathering information, internal and border security and to counter terrorist activity within the country. The role of FSB is to fight against state crime, terrorist activities, violence, drug smuggling and internal security of the country. The FSB is not just an ordinary service it is a military service, combining with elite police forces and spy agency making it as an immense powerful force.


An inquiry led by British Judge Robert Owen found that, FSB is involved in killing of Mr Litvinenko an ex- KGB agent by two former KGB bodyguards, Andrei Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovtun. Later the operation conducted by FSB is also approved by Mr Patrushev; head of the FSB and also by President Putin.


5.ISI: The full form of ISI is Inter Service Intelligence, formed in 1948. It’s headquarter is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is an Intelligence agency of Pakistan responsible for gathering intelligence information related to national security reporting directly to the Government of Pakistan. It is one of the largest intelligence of Pakistan after IB (Intelligence Bureau) and MI (Military Intelligence).


Operation Jammu and Kashmir: From time to time ISI and Pakistan are allegedly involved in number of activities in LOC to snatch J & K from India. Every month ISI funds about Rs. 24 million to conduct various activities in J & K. According to USA Intelligence officials and agencies ISI is helping number of terrorist organizations financially in order to execute terrorist activities in different parts of India as well.

Mumbai attacks: ISI is allegedly responsible for number of terrorist activities in Mumbai in 1993, 2006 and 2008.


6.RAW: The full form of RAW is Research and Analysis Wing formed in 21st September 1968. It is the foreign intelligence agency of India responsible for generating and analyzing foreign intelligence and to counter various terrorist activities in India. It’s headquarter is located in New Delhi, India. The structure and organization of RAW is designed on the lines of CIA. Since the date of their formation, RAW is involved in number of operations in India and outside India.


Operation Smiling Buddha: Operation Smiling Buddha is the name given to India’s nuclear programme which took place on 18 May 1974. This is the first operation in which RAW is involved in a project Inside India and the role of the RAW is to provide tight security.

Operation Lal Dora: The operation took place in February 1983 when Mauritius Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth requested assistance from Mrs. Indira Gandhi. She chooses RAW to handle the task under the Supervision of Nowsher F. Suntook.

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