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Ashish Kumar

Ashiahs Kumar Bangluru bulls team for PKL
Image Source : Prokabaddi.com

Ashish Kumar is a multi talented player from Pro Kabaddi league, played with Bengaluru Bulls last year and such impression that Banguluru team retained him this year. He is one of the highest paid players of Pro Kabaddi as he was retained by Banguluru and Bangulur is paying 83 lakh to Rohit Kumar so that means Buguluru would be paying 15 % more to Ashish, which makes him highest paid kabaddi player of the tournament.

So the expectation is quite high from this young chap and we do hope that he fulfill the expectation of the team and management.


Ashish Kumar records in Pro Kabaddi


NAME:                                                 ASHISH KUMAR
TEAM:                                                 BENGALURU BULLS
NATIONALITY:                                   INDIA 
BORN:                                                DEC 28,1984
MATCHES PLAYED:                                  32
TOTAL POINTS:                                       74
TOTAL RAIDS POINTS:                           23 
TOTAL DEFENCE POINTS:                       51
RAIDS:                                                    77
SUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                              18
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                         13
EMPTY RAIDS:                                       46
TACKLES:                                               115
SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                          44
UNSUCCESSFUL TACKLESS:                  71
As records are saying that in a small time Ashish Kumar has left a big mark in Pro Kabaddi. Hope he continues to impress Kabaddi lovers in season 5 as well.