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Dear Modi Ji, You Have Disappointed India Badly On The National Security Front.

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Opening Session of the Second Raisina Dialogue, in New Delhi on Tuesday. PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist(PTI1_17_2017_000229A)

India still remembers in 2013 when Hemraj head was beheaded by Pak Border Action Team ( BAT ) than Gujrat chief minister Shri. Narendra Modi said, “India should behead  10 head of Pak Army personnel as revenge for Hemraj”.  That time all Indian thought that this man has guts to respond Pak in a language which Pak understands.

After 4 years India feels betrayed by Modi govt. As our jawans are still getting martyred in LOC, they are still getting beheaded by Pak Army.

Not only at LOC, Indian army personnel are facing heavy casualties in Naxal front, as recently our 26 CRPF jawan killed by moist in Baster Sukuma.

People have chosen you because they thought you would make tough Pak & Naxal policy for India but leave about tough stance, you failed to provide full-time defense minister to India.

Your complete Pak – Kashmir- Naxal policy is confusing, you are not only causing huge human loss but you are also killing the morale of Indian Army and the Nation as a whole.

Kashmiris are treating our Army like an animal in J&K, they can beat them, abuse them but If army tie someone in front of jeep to stop stone pelting you set up an inquiry and your alliance govt. file a FIR against the officer, this is completely demoralizing Mr. Modi.

You failed to remove MFN status for Pak Mr. Modi I don’t know what is stopping you from removing MFN (Most favored status ) from Pak.  Are we so much concern about our export? that we are ready to beached our soldiers but not ready to remove MFN status from Pak?

Failed to declare Pak a Terrorist Nation Our diplomats are running pillar to post to isolate Pak and asking all countries to declare Pak as a terrorist Nation but our own country and Modi government itself is not ready to declare Pak as a terrorist nation. What will we get from keeping the diplomating relationship from Pak?

No decision on Indus Water treaty  Other than speaking loud, this government has done nothing on the matter of Indus water treaty. Our Jammu region is facing the huge problem of water irrigation but we are giving water to our enemy who drinks our water kill our people.

Diplomatic recognition to Balochistan In 2015 you said from the fort of Lal Kila that we will support the Balochistan cause but you backtracked from that as well, you even failed to show the courage by giving asylum to Baloch leader Braham dar Bugti. I don’t is it really 56 inch or spineless. 🙁

Leave about Pak we could not lift the sec 370 in J&K At the time of election it was on your manifesto to spark discussion on 370 and would try to revoke it. People of India especially Jammu people have voted you massively but after the election, you made an alliance with PDP which predominantly separatist sympathizer. leave about revoking 370, no one from your own party is discussing it.

Mr. Modi, there are many more disappointing thing you did in your last 3 year of ruling, you still have 2 years left do something concrete or people of India will throw you out of power.