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Jang Kun Lee

Pro Kabbadi
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Jang Kun Lee

Jang is a South Korean sensation playing for Bengal worrier in Indian ViVo Pro Kabaddi not only he is playing for Bengal he is almost a Star in Bengal worrier team. Jang is amazing with his raiding skill, especially with his jump & Touch points. He has been leading Bengal team since last 3 season and retained by the team all most in all season. He is been highest paid player in Bengal team and some on from Korea.

Jang Kun Lee Records

NAME:                                         JANG KUN LEE

TEAM:                                         BENGAL WARRIORS
NATIONALITE:                              KOREA
BORN:                                         NOV 06,1992
MATCHES PLAYED:                       51
TOTAL POINTS:                            262
TOTAL RAID POINTS:                  243
TOTAL DEFENCE:                          19
RAIDS:                                          527
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:              121
EMPTY RAIDS:                             218
TACKLES:                                       66
SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                 17
These are some of the fabulous stats from Jang Kun Lee until season 4. Lets how much stats change by the end of Season 5 in Pro Kabaddi 2017.