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know about different central arms forces in India & Their roles

Indian Army
Source : ADGPI Army Fb

Security forces of any country is the real strength of that country, it insures the sovereignty and power  of that country. In India also, we have different security forces which works under different heads of department and under state and central government. Under Indian armed forces mainly we have Indian army, Indian Nevy and Indian air force which protects us from the enemy and these comes under central government under ministry of defance.

Indian armed forces are also supported by different paramilitary forces like Assam rifles , Indian coast guard , Indian frontier force. We also have some state level troupe and forces lets see their specific roles.

Indian Army :-


Indian Army ( Bhartiya thal sena ) is land based armed force and the largest chunk of armed men  is covered under Indian army The Indian Army originated from the armies of the East India Company, which eventually became the British Indian Army and finally the national army after independence.It has third largest active military personnel in the world.It is the land-based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. The President of India serves as Commander-in-Chief of the army, and it is commanded by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS).The Indian Army is operationally and geographically divided into seven commands, with the basic field formation being a division. It has 34 Divisions. Major burden of saving our country from the enemy lies on Indian army, it’s also specializes in counter insurgency  operation against terrorist.

BSF ( Border Security force )


Border Security Force
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BSF border security force is India’s front line security force started in 1965 after Pakistan initiated war against India, It comes under central government ministry of home affairs. The head of BSF is called as DG – BSF which usually a IPS cadre. The main task of BSF is securing the border area of India, they the first shield of our security force they are doing a commendable job in J&k, Rajsthan , Nagaland , and Indo china border. Currently BSF has 2,40,000 personnel and 186 battalions which makes it a world biggest border security force.

ITBP ( Indo-Tibetan Border Police )

In 1996 Indian Govt enacted ITBP act 1992″ to “provide for the constitution and regulation” of the ITBP “for ensuring the security of the borders of India and for matters connected therewith. It’s a Para-Military force for security along the Indo-Tibetan border in the wake of the Sino-Indian War of 1962. The ITBP was intended for deployment along India’s border with Chinese-occupied Tibet.

ITBP is a multi-dimensional force which primarily has 5 functions:

  1. Vigil on the northern borders, detection and prevention of border violations, and promotion of the sense of security among the local populace.
  2. Check illegal immigration and trans-border smuggling.
  3. Provide security to sensitive installations and threatened VIPs.
  4. Restore and preserve order in any area in the event of disturbance.
  5. to maintain the peace.

CISF ( Central Industrial Security force )

Central Industrial Security force started in 1983 keeping in view to give protection our industrial and commercial establishment, it reports to central govt. its current capacity is 165000 which will further raise to 200000 in coming 2-3 years. The CISF provides security cover to 300 industrial units and other establishments located all over India. Industrial sectors like atomic power plants, space installations, mints, oil fields and refineries, major ports, heavy engineering, steel plants, barrages, fertilliser units, airports and hydroelectric/thermal power plants owned and controlled by Central Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), and currency note presses producing Indian currency are protected by CISF. The head of the CISF is called as DG CISF which generally belongs to the Indian Army or IPS cadre. With globalization and liberalization of the economy, CISF is no longer a PSU-centric organization. Instead, it has become a premier multi-skilled security agency of the country, mandated to provide security to major critical infrastructure installations of the country in diverse areas.

CRPF ( Central Reserve police force )

CRPF constituted in 1949 its now the largest India’s central Police Armed forces which reports to home ministry under the central govt. CRPF work is to assist different state government and Union territory  in police operation and in  the situation of insurgency to maintain law and order. CRPF is also carrying anti Naxal operation in different parts of the country specially chhattishgarh , Jharkhand , Bihar , Orisa and Andra Preadesh , CRPF also plays a very pivotal role and conducting elections in India since maintaining law and order situation in the time of election is very difficult task for state police the CRPF is helping in it in a very big way.

Assam Rifles

The Assam Rifles is the oldest paramilitary force of India. The unit can trace its lineage back to a paramilitary police force that was formed under the British in 1835 called Cachar Levy. It’s main role in Guarding Indo-Myanmar Border, It has also took part in World war 1 and 2. It reports to Central govt’s ministry of Home affairs. other then keeping border safe it also take part in different  counter insurgency operation and helping state and central govt in keeping a secure Nation. Its motto is Friends of the Hill People. 

SSB ( Sashastra Seema Bal )

SSB started in 1963 under the control and supervision of Central govt’s ministry of Home affairs. It’s motto is  Service, Security and Brotherhood.It’s current main role is  mobilize India’s border population for national security during times of peace as well as war and to promote a sense of security and brotherhood among the population, in furtherance of national integration. Its present-day role consists of preventing cross-border crime and smuggling as well as other anti-national activities. SSB also assist RAW research and analysis wing of India. SSB was declared as a border guarding force and lead intelligence agency (LIA) for Indo-Nepal border (January, 2001) and Indo-Bhutan border( March, 2004). SSB was renamed as “Sashastra Seema Bal” in accordance with its new role.

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