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Nilesh Salunke

Nilesh Shalunke Vivo Pro Kabaddi Player
Image Source : Puneri Paltan

Nilesh Salunke is one of the great findings of Pro Kabaddi, he is an amazing rider as well an amazing sports person. Nilesh played for Pune then for Telugu Titans and very much supported Rahul Choudhary. While playing for Telugu Titans there are some matches where the impact of Nilesh Salunke was more than that of Rahul Choudhary.

His height is the weapon for the opposition and he knows how to use it, he is a weapon for Telugu titans at the time of Do or Dies raids where the team does not want to risk Rahul Choudhary.

Nilesh Salunke Records for Pro Kabaddi league


NAME:                                                 NILESH SALUNKE
TEAM:                                                 TELUGU TITANS
NATIONALITY:                                           INDIA 
BORN:                                                  MAY 05, 1993
MATCHES PLAYED:                                      22
TOTAL POINTS:                                           72
TOTAL RAIDS POINTS:                               71
TOTAL DEFENCE POINTS:                            1
RAIDS:                                                        159
SUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                   52
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                              39
EMPTY RAIDS:                                             68
TACKLES:                                                    13
SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                              1
UNSUCCESSFUL TACKLESS:                      12
Nilesh Salunke records till season 4 of Pro Kabaddi .