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Nilesh Shinde

Nilesh Shinde Kabaddi Player Profile
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Nilesh Shinde is one of the veterans of Kabaddi comes from a Sangli district of Maharastra. He is one of the finest right corners India have this point of time. Until last season Nilash was playing as captain of Bengal worrier. This Season Nilesh has done a home coming and will play for Mumbai with legends as Anup Kumar.

Since then the 35-year-old has become a vital player for all the teams he has been a part of in Pro Kabaddi league.  Nilesh Shinde is also the winner of Gold in 2008 Commonwealth games. The Bengal Warrior hasn’t looked back since then and it says something about him that in a league dominated by young legs, his experience is still highly valued, so much so that Shinde was handed leadership duties by Bengal Warriors.


Nilesh Shinde


NAME:                                                 NILESH SHINDE
TEAM:                                                 DABENG DELHI K.C.
NATIONALITY:                                   INDIA
BORN:                                                 OCT 8,1980
MATCHES PLAYED:                                   54
TOTAL POINTS:                                      129
TOTAL RAIDS POINTS:                           14
TOTAL DEFENCE POINTS:                      115
RAIDS:                                                     61  
SUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                9         
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                          11
EMPTY RAIDS:                                         41
TACKLES:                                               229
SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                        102
UNSUCCESSFUL TACKLESS:                  127
These are some of the fantabulous records and rating of Nilesh Shinde a Umumba Prime weapon in season 5. in Pro Kabaddi 2017.