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No Activity In Narendra Modi’s Social Media Accounts, Since Last 3 Day’s, Is there any Storm to Come ?

No Activity In Narendra Modi's Social Media Accounts, Since Last 3 Day's, Is there any Storm to Come ?

Narendra Modi Update
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Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi, is known for his ability of connecting  people through Social Media, he is one of the most active politician over Social media sites. Many times he has surprised his opponent as well with his prompt reply’s in Social Media site.

Narendra Modi, keep people of the nation, updated about his activities and plans through twitter and Facebook. Evan many announcement of scheme and foreign policy is done through social media.

But surprisingly, Since last 3 day’s Narendra Modi’s Social media account’s are mute, yes there is no activity happening there after Uri attack.

His facebook is last update on 17, to thank people for his birthday wish.

He posted a last tweet on 18th morning just after Uri Attack, to condemn it, where he has said that,the conspirator  of the attack will not go unpunished.

After that, his accounts have gone silenced, it is rarely happen in last 2.5 year,That Modi ji did not tweeted for so long.

It’s also been conveyed to your website, that he has barely slept in these 3 day’s. Expert are believing that, it is a silence before the storm, As high level meeting are going, there is strong consensuses to give strongest possible reply to Pakistan. Lets see what comes next.

Source : Twitter.com