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Pardeep Narwal

Patna Pirate Full team for Kabaddi 2017
Image Source : Goole Image

Patna sensation Pardeep Narwhal is one of the best player of Pro Kabaddi all season. He has been the main weapon by which Patna won two back to back Pro Kabaddi title. He had an awsome season in Indian Kabaddi world cup as well. Pardeep was initially playing with Banguluru bulls under Manjeet Chillers captaincy, where he did not get much chance to play .

But once he joined the Patna team his attitude was different and led Patna team to win position 2 times. This year will be the challenge for him take Patna into finals as his old friends and other Patna Pirates Heavy weights have moved to other teams now and Patna is highly dependent on Pardeep for this season of Pro Kabaddi league.

Pardeep Narwal records

NAME:                                         PARDEEP NARWAL
TEAM:                                         PATNA PIRATES
NATIONALITY:                            INDIA
BORN:                                         16FEB 1997
MATCHES PLAYED:                     38
TOTAL POINTS:                          263
TOTAL RAID POINTS:                256
TOTAL DEFENSE POINTS:              7
RAIDS:                                       488
SUCCESFULRAIDS:                    190
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:            120
EMPTY RAIDS:                           178
TACKLES:                                     21
SUCCESFUL TACKLES:                  6
UNCESSFULL TACKLES:              15
These are some of the wonderful stats of Pardeep Narwal until the forth season. This season is gonna be tough for Pradeep but Pardeep is talented enough to come over any challenge.