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Mohit Chillar

Mohit Chillar key player of Pro kabbadi Hariyana Steelers
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Mohit Chillar one of the highest paid Kabaddi player of pro-Kabaddi season 4. He is leading defender of India, who also represented India in the recently held world cup. He is best right corner, not only for pro-Kabadi but from Indian Kabaddi team. His pairing with Surindar Nada is one of the best pairings of Indian kabaddi defense. He was the costliest player of season 4, when Bangoluru bulls brought him in 53 lakh. Before banglore, he was playing with Umuma under Anup Kumar & team and led his team into finals two times.

Being a Chhillar, there’s a misconception that Mohit and Manjeet are brothers. “We’re actually not related. But the fact that we both play kabaddi, and that we come from the same village creates a bond. That’s why he was often coaching me when I was a junior. It’s watching players like him and Rakesh that inspired me,” Mohit says. in an interview to a media.

Mohit Chillar records so far


NAME:                                                 MOHIT CHILLER
TEAM:                                                 HARYANA STEELERS
NATIONALITY:                                           INDIA 
BORN:                                                 JUL 13, 1993
MATCHES PLAYED:                                       57
TOTAL POINTS:                                          174
TOTAL RAIDS POINTS:                                  4
TOTAL DEFENCE POINTS:                           170
RAIDS:                                                          17
SUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                     2 
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                1
EMPTY RAIDS:                                             14
TACKLES:                                                     322
SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                               157
UNSUCCESSFUL TACKLESS:                       165
These are some of the fantastic stats from Mohot chiller, by looking at the records of Mohit, we can say Hariyana Steelers team are under very strong hands.