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Rohit Kumar Kabaddi Player Profile
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Rohit Kumar a well-known name in Indian Kabaddi circuit for good and bad reason both. Rohit is amazing player he has been the anchor of Patna win in season 3. In season 4 of Pro Kabaddi he played with Banuluru bulls and because he got injured in a match between Bulls & Delhi he could not perform to his 100 % but then to his records was best in Bangluru team.

Last year was not good for Rohit as he got named in his wife suicide case, Rohit is in bail currently and proving his innocence in the court. Hope he comes clean from the court. Rohit is the star of Kabaddi game has the maximum follower of him. His records say for Rohit’s skill in the mat.

Rohit Kumar Kabaddi Records


NAME:                                                         ROHIT KUMAR
TEAM:                                                         BENGALURU BULLS  
NATIONALITY:                                                  INDIA  
BORN:                                                            JAN 19, 1990
MATCHES PLAYED:                                              26   
TOTAL POINTS:                                                  209
TOTAL RAIDS POINTS:                                      195  
TOTAL DEFENCE POINTS:                                   14                          
RAIDS:                                                               412
SUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                        155
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                     80    
EMPTY RAIDS:                                                  177
TACKLES:                                                           30
SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                                    13
UNSUCCESSFUL TACKLES                                17
Other than these classic records Rohit has won many National awards, As Rohit comes from a services background he represented India in many platforms. Hope this year Rohit come back shining in professional as well as the personal field.