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Sukesh Hegde

Sukesh Hegde Pro Kbaddi Star player
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Sukesh Hegde a Karnataka Kabaddi sensation, who comes from a very small village from a very little family background, Sukesh raised from dust to sky. The story of Sukesh Hegde is characteristic of the impact of the fledgling league. The transformation from struggling athletes to wealthy stars has been nothing short of mesmerizing. All in a matter of just three years.

Sukesh Hedge played with Telugu Titans, the shy young man is quickly turning into one of the faces behind the success of the Titans. Hegde is from Mangalore and having grown up away from the fanfare of India’s modern cities, he is a simpleton who is still seeking to discover his own trail in the crowded world of stardom.Now this season will lead Gujrat fortune Giants team owned by Adani group. His team Gujrat looks very prominent with the presence of a player like Fazal Atrachali & Amit Rathi.

Sukesh Hegde Records

NAME:                                             SUKESH HEGDE

TEAM:                                               GUJRAT FORTUNEGIANTS 
NATIONALITY:                                            INDIA
BORN:                                                     OCT,02 1989
MATCHES PLAYED:                                           49
TOTAL POINTS:                                               218   
TOTAL RAIDS POINTS:                                   209
TOTAL DEFENCE POINTS:                                  9
RAIDS:                                                            447
SUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                      158
UNSUCCESSFUL RAIDS:                                   83                
EMPTY RAIDS:                                               206  
TACKLES:                                                         57
 SUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                                    8
UNSUCCESSFUL TACKLES:                              49   


These are some of the astonishing facts and figures about Sukesh Hegde. We congratulate Sukesh of being selected as Gujrat Captain hope he makes his journey more successful this season.