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Yoga tips for better Lymphatic System


Yoga tips for better Lymphatic System

Human body is composed of number of parts and system. Each part of the body is made up of variety and number of cells, the basis and fundamental unit of life. From birth to maturity there is increase in the number of cells which also shows positive impact on the growth of the human body. The process of study of human body is called Human anatomy or physiology. Number of scientist from time to time has studied about human body and discovered different parts and system present inside our body. Some of the parts of human body include ears, head, eyes and many more whereas system includes nervous system, lymphatic system, endocrine system and many more, and for a sound body all parts and system must work in a proper way.

About Lymphatic System

Lymphatic system one of the important systems found in human body and is comprised of network of conduits, carrying fluid called lymph. Lymph is very much related to blood in its composition, except the presence of proteins and hemoglobin in blood. Lymphatic system is composed of organs, ducts, nodes and lymph distributed among different parts of the body. It is also composed of cells called as lymphocytes cells which protect body from different type of foreign particles from invading the body. Exercise like jumping and running are some of the techniques widely known to keep your lymphatic system fit.

Functions of Lymphatic System

Protect body from different types of diseases
Increase the immune system
It transports fluids called as lymph
Protects body from various types of viruses and bacteria
It protects from Infection
It kills harmful antigens
It maintains the fluid balance of the body
It is also responsible for transportation of interstitial fluid
Measures to keep your Lymphatic system strong

Exercise: As we know lymph is circulated through muscles, and exercise makes your muscles relaxed promoting smooth circulation of fluids through vessels.
Massage: With targeting massage for lymph plays a major part in their functioning. There are different types of massage known in order to promote proper functioning of lymphatic system. Aromatherapy massage a form of massage necessary for proper functioning of lymphatic system causing smooth flow of fluids. You can also give yourself a massage in shower or tub.
By Brushing: By brushing the skin the dead cells found on the surface of body are removed promoting smooth flow of fluids. It can be done with organic bristle brush.
Hot Bath: Taking hot water bath with addition of salt is very useful as hot water opens the skin pores and salt removes the impurities.

Yoga techniques for Lymphatic System

Yoga one of the modern day requirements to keep your body and mind fit. It can be also done through medicines but it shows quite a side effects or negative effect on the body whereas yoga has no side effect or negative effect. Some of the yoga tips to make your lymphatic system better are listed below.
Wide legged Forward Bend: One of the great posses for opening hamstring, smooth circulation and fluid circulation. It also squeezes belly that smooth’s digestion.

Three Legged Downward Dog: This pose is very useful for blood and fluid circulation. It is also useful for removing stress, sadness and fear.

Open Side Fierce: The pose is helpful for removal of waste by providing pressure on kidney, liver and spleen.

Staff Pose: It promotes the lengthening of spleen and will results in full expanding and contraction of lungs. This type of deep breath eliminates waste from bodies.
One legged Seated Spinal Twist: It is very useful in digestion and eliminating wastes from body

Heads to Knee: This pose is very useful for providing gentle massage and stimulating inner organs
Locust: The pose strengthens your back and gives pressure on your abdomen thus promoting digestion.

Bound Headstand: This pose removes toxin from circulatory system and lymphatic system.
After studying the blog one can completely understand the importance of lymphatic system and how to make your lymphatic system better with different yoga techniques.